Walking before we run

No website in the world would surely turn away a customer interested in writing a cheque for advertising or sponsorship. Especially from well-heeled outfits featuring in the image here.

But at this early stage in the life of Mt Albert Inc, we are putting our limited resources into doing the best we can with content… not that we expect to ever draw attention from Gucci, Microsoft or Cartier.

As word gets around and traffic builds to decent levels, we hope to have a platform that offers some appeal to local businesses looking to advertise or perhaps thinking of sponsorship.

The ambitious aim is to draw revenue to secure our future and allow MARA, which owns the site, to prosper as a leader on community issues.

But these things take time and we want to walk before we run, settling on very limited automated Google advertising as a small way of helping our finances.

However, if you’re encouraged at what you’ve seen so far and are interested in exploring a commercial connection, please drop us a line