What do you know about the future of the pool or Chamberlain Park? Or the progress on the Unitec project and plans to ban cars on the mountain? This page backgrounds the issues bubbling away in our neighbourhood

Oakley Creek in Mt Albert in flood

Stormwater: fouling our waterways

Stormwater is killing our creeks and harbours. Auckland Council must give the lead, but all of us have a responsibility to do something about one of the city’s greatest environmental challenges. Read more

Golfer at Chamberlain Park

Chamberlain Park: urban battleground

Chamberlain Park Golf Course has become a 21st century battleground with golfers challenging the drive of a local board committed to opening the land to wider use. Read more

Mt Albert aquatic centre

Aquatic centre: so what’s happening?

Once you’ve got a community asset, you should never lose it. But there’s no certainty we’ll get a new public swimming pool when the aquatic centre closes around 2023-2025. Read more

Asqutih Ave units before demolition

Asquith Ave: HNZ’s puzzling dawdle

Years after the last tenants were shifted out of Housing NZ’s land at Asquith Ave, locals are still waiting for the builders to arrive. What’s happening – and where did it all start? Read more

Mountain-top view in Mt Albert

On the mountain: people before cars

Enjoy driving up Summit Drive to show visitors the great views from the top of the mountain? Well, no one is going to stop you. But soon most people will have to get out at the entrance and walk. Read more

Mt Albert village lonely street

Village upgrade: long frustrating road

The Mt Albert town centre upgrade has caused distress to business owners and frustration to locals. But by the end of the summer the hassles should be over. Read more

Unitec land at Mt Albert

Unitec project: town for tomorrow

In a swiftly-growing city desperate for more houses, the Unitec land off Carrington Rd offers great opportunity. Before too much longer a new town will start to rise. Read more