Unitec land at Mt Albert

Council cut out of Unitec project

Government moves to shove aside Auckland Council and Unitary Plan and effectively do what it likes on the Unitec housing project will be met with some disquiet in Mt Albert. The plan, unveiled by Housing Minister Phil Twyford, is to set up an urban development authority (UDA) in Auckland that will control 12 to 15…

Mt Albert village shops

Right-turn ban back on agenda?

Banning the right turn from New North Rd into Mt Albert Rd may be back on Auckland Transport’s agenda as the council agency looks to improve traffic flows through the village.

Pocket park in Mt Albert

‘Let’s see what summer brings’

Peter Haynes has a couple of stark pictures he took of the Mt Albert village shopping strip in the sunshine of mid-winter back in 2011 As chair of the Albert Eden Local Board, he used them as part of a presentation to Auckland Council to promote the plan to rejuvenate the town centre. Put those…


‘Do it properly or not at all’

It started with a hiss and a roar, the collective efforts of MARA, the community, the business association, the local board and others to drive for an upgrade to our village to not only provide a hub to rival neighbouring suburbs but to allow our local businesses to flourish.


Business cry: We’ve been duped

Turnover at many Mt Albert village shops continues to be down by around 50 per cent as the effects of the upgrade bites, bringing many businesses close to collapse.


It’s time for AT to keep its word

When Auckland Transport chair Lester Levy told a Mt Albert audience back in May that he hadn’t been happy with the way the village upgrade was handled, there was a feeling things would get better.

Fishing from a jetty

Gone fishin’ with Marg’s blessing

It’s so easy to get stuck in your own little world where nothing much matters beyond the boundaries of Mt Albert or, if you’re really stretching horizons, the outer limits of the supercity. At times that sort of local tunnel vision can have an amusing outcome… like the gmail to Mt Albert Inc the other…

Ray Mills with Arthur Daley

Cheers to our own Arthur Daley

Ray Mills. You might have seen him down at St Luke’s mall, nattering to anyone with an ear. Or perhaps behind the wheel scooting around Western Springs, Mt Albert, Pt Chev, Morningside or Waterview, invariably in a flash car.


Local hovel finally bites the dust

The derelict Four Kauri Medical Centre – destroyed by fire more than three years ago – has finally bitten the dust. Auckland Council has been on the developer’s back now for months and today (see pictures below) the demolition crew broke the back of the job. The shell of the building was smashed to the…

Mt Albert village tree

Was dying village tree poisoned?

Mt Albert has its own “whodunnit?” A tree planted just a few months ago as part of the village upgrade is dying – and Auckland Transport suspects it has been poisoned.

Parking on Mt Albert berms

Legal steps target berm-parkers

Parking on berms is becoming a major problem as Auckland grows and car spaces are squeezed, but it will become an expensive choice when teeth are added to shaky laws.