Mountain-top view in Mt Albert

Local house prices flatten out

Reflecting drifting and flat prices across much of the supercity, Mt Albert property values seem to have fallen back over the last few months. Real estate agents report at least a flattening in local prices with sellers forced to rein in their sights a little, though well-presented homes are still drawing good prices. QV’s latest…

Milling people in city streets

Who we are: our vital statistics

If you bang into someone on the streets of Mt Albert who is a 35-year-old Pakeha, probably with a child, working in a professional field earning more than a mate elsewhere and living in her own home with a partner – you have found an average Mt Albertian. How do we know that? Easy –…

The Food andf Plant research centre in Mt Albert

$49m ride to world-class future

It’s a Mt Albert landmark, unmissable on the left, just past Alberton Ave, as you drive east around Mt Albert Rd. At six storeys, it’s clearly one of the biggest buildings in the district. Shrouded in scaffolding in recent months, it’s been even more noticeable.

Mt Albert classical guitgarist Bruce Paine performing at Alberton House

Q and A spotlight on Bruce Paine

Bruce Paine is a noted New Zealand classical guitarist and guitar composer who lives on the slopes of Mt Albert. He presents concerts locally and around the country, and makes CD recordings of his work that are frequently broadcast by Radio New Zealand.

Anne Duncan Real Estate is marketing the planned new townhouse development in Allendale Rd, Mt Albert

Allendale’s 10 new townhouses

A lovely old bungalow in Allendale Rd is making way for 10 new townhouses in the latest example of how the Unitary Plan is starting to change the face of Auckland. A resource consent application has been lodged for the smart new development and, assuming it is approved, the houses will be ready for owners…

‘Prang Alley’ leads latest top 10

The local stories that caught your eye last month were topped by Auckland Transport’s plans to reduce the danger at the Asquith Ave/New North Rd intersection. The story was read by nearly 1000 people, placing it in the top 10 most-read stories published by Mt Albert Inc since it began life last October – and…

The mess at Ferndale House after reptiles dumped rubbish

‘Not me’ says Ferndale suspect

It’s one thing the mayor banging on about the disgrace of dumping rubbish on city streets and properties – but it’s quite another to nail the mindless people who do the dirty work. Phil Goff has thrown $200,000 towards identifying and catching illegal tippers, and it’s a start. But if the result of the investigation…